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Hi My name is Carolyn and I would like to Know
If you would like to Attend A informational call
that will last about 25 min today at 2.50 pm or 8.50 pm est

Because I wanted to extend my Invitation To You/

The Number is 512 879 2160 pin 655432 #

After the call please> call me and leave me a message at 888 572 9941
and I will send you the web site like the Call will tell you as I am Your Inviter thanks >Inviter Carolyn from Virginia You will Hear how To put 3.500 A day Cash to your Front Door Immediately and repeatedly .

This Is Real we have been here for over 15 yrs my email address >

I am expecting Many people to this call so please say your first Name and your state that you are calling from .To The Host Thank You Carolyn From Viriginia info is free to learn what our system that we have in place does for us here At success partners today/ we SELL NOTHING HERE

Please have a pen and pad so you can take good notes on this Call

Please see 8 min Video FAQ
this is the site that you may join from
But first Go to the Call so that you will Understand it
and what you Have to do To be sucessful here

my ID# Is > 698a2 to join
By putting in this ID you will get your Id so please right
it down only1 id is given pick your level please read
faq / see 8 min Video

Thank you
Carolyn T In Virginia

Sunday call starts at 7.50 pm est

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